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To help out the new story arc, I've updated the layout of the site for the first time ... well, ever.
I should care more about not speaking any updates for a year, wouldn't you think? Anywise, yes, I've been rather silent for the past year, but there hasn't been much to say. For the most part, NQH has been on hiatus, which, in my terms, still means comics are made just not in the current storyline. "NQH: Dies" will be finished up, but, until then, there's the "Holiday Hiatus", which spans Halloween, Christmas, and probably out through Easter, maybe?
And, almost letting it slip by, I have yet to mention the Halloween comic's costumes. How could I forget an annual tradition?
  • Mayo Guy as Darkwing Duck
  • Beany Joe as Ghost Rider
  • Ballzo as Screamin' Meemie from Mad Ballz
  • Mad Ball as The Magic 8-Ball
  • Insana-Bug as Zorak from Space Ghost
  • Slimeball as Hellboy
  • Rubber Man as Vincent Nothing
  • Super Strawberry as Christian Faith
I haven't updated this thing in nigh on a year, so I think it's due for some refreshing. Been a lot o' the random, non-connected strips due to college, of course. Expect a full story line soon?
It returns. NQH is coming back. Sorry about the six months of lacking. The entire span of comics that should have appeared are going right back where they ought to have been. So far, the month of January is Backlog Backlashed. Soon, expect all the way to May to be fill, and hopefully some extra.
Still crappy. Sorry for the huge lack of real comics, folks, but things haven't exactly been easy in my personal life, or lack of one if you would. Of course, you, nor I, care about any of that, so on to important matters. The long missing conclusion to the Re-Anime-Tor has finally been finished... after six months. You can find the conclusion here since I wanted it to be archived in the appropriate location for proper continuation and story flow.
Well this is gonna make me look stupid after two months of silence. In case you haven't noticed, NQH kinda died. The reason? An unexpectantly large work load from every one of my professors, giving me more work than time to complete it. Anyhoo, since I'm on Spring Break, here's the Backlog Backlash, a slew of comics generated over the last three to four months that I've never had a chance to put up before. Of course, for chronology, they've been placed approximately where they were first thought up. Anyways, I'll try to wrap up the current story line, and then NQH will probably return to a hiatus-esque state where it'll just be the Notebooks being churned out until the semester ends. Who knows, tho'? Maybe I'll find some magical pocket of time that will allow me to make comics outside of continuity with the rest of the universe?
As I pretty much anticipated, no one (else) really cared about the mock-contest. Hence why it was only mock. Anyhoo, for anyone who was wondering, here's who was who:
  • Monday: Rubber Man: Luigi, Super Mario Bro.; Mad Goblin: Princess Peach, Super Mario Bro.; Slimeball: Megaman, Captain N; Ballzo: Waddle Dee, Kirby's Dream Land; Beany Joe: Rash, Battletoads
  • Tuesday: Rubber Man: Grimmace, McDonalds; Beany Joe: D. Compose, Inhumanoids; Schizo-Man-7: A Dead Ensign, Star Trek; Mad Goblin: Ghidora, Godzilla; Mayo Guy: Campy, Campfire Marshmallows; Bubba: Jay Sherman, The Critic
  • Wednesday: Beany Joe: Jarvis, Cookie Crisp, Slimeball: (Early) Sonny, Cocoa Puffs; Mayo Guy: Soggy, Cap'n Crunch; Squidy: Tony the Tiger, Frosted Flakes; Rubber Man: Fruit Brute, Fruit Brute Cereal; Ballzo: Boo Berry, Boo Berry Cereal
  • Thursday: Rubber Man: Greg Dean, Real Life Comics; Bubba: Cole Richards, PvP; Mayo Guy: Mike Green, College Roomies from Hell; Squidy: Hero, RPG World; Ballzo: Pom-pom, Homestar Runner; Schizo-Man-7: Gabe, Penny-Arcade; Beany Joe: Slick, Sinfest
  • Friday: Rubber Man: Tetsuo, Akira; Slimeball: Tom Servo, Mystery Science Theater 3000; Beany Joe: Chakan, Chakan the Forever Man; Mayo Guy: Ultraman, Ultraman; Mad Goblin: Avyron, Lost Legends of Idos; Ballzo: Green Jelly Icon, Green Jelly
Amazing, I've actually received some notice of mock-contest entry. Less amazingly, there seems to be some confusion on exactly what character is in what, which I guess it is a bit difficult to tell. To make things simple, here's a breakdown of the days, left to right:
  • Monday: Rubber Man, Mad Goblin, Slimeball, Ballzo, Beany Joe
  • Tuesday: Rubber Man, Beany Joe, Schizo-Man-7, Mad Goblin, Mayo Guy, Bubba
  • Wednesday: Beany Joe, Slimeball, Mayo Guy, Squidy, Rubber Man, Ballzo
  • Thursday: Rubber Man, Bubba, Mayo Guy, Squidy, Ballzo, Schizo-Man-7, Beany Joe
  • Friday: Rubber Man, Slimeball, Beany Joe, Mayo Guy, Mad Goblin, Ballzo
Well, as you were told last week (and obviously experienced today), this week, you favorite (?) NQH characters are all dressing up as people who are more interesting... *cough* Anyhoo, I thought, "Hey, why not see if anyone gives a flaming pile o' poo!" and hold a mock-contest to see if anyone can who all the characters are dress up as! (I say "mock" contest since I really don't think anyone cares) I know that at least half of them are blatently obvious, but there's sure to be a couple that will stump anyone out there. So, send me an email ( with who's dressed as who. I doubt anyone will! Hear from you never!
Hey, alright. I'm speaking after a month of silence, aren't you happy? Anyhoo, this week, and maybe some after, I'ma gonna be doing some "I'm at college and too lazy to think of a better story line since of all the major tests in same week have forced me into non-stop studying mode which I actually ignore by watching flash movies of people dying non-stop" strips. Pretty much random and sparatic stuff, a lot of which will actually be drawn during a class (yes, surprisingly, NQH is not normally drawn in an unprofessional manner... jerks). So, enjoy! ... or not... I don't really care.
Over a year to get around to, it's finally here! NQH at Jamie's Flea Market! 99% of all the following junk to come in the following days is either a true happening or inspired by a true happening while at the flea market (or following unsuccessful garage sale). And, as we all know, true stuff rings as funniest! Anyhoo, with the long span of time it took to get around to it, its simmered and boiled to not only be funny but taste great! (Warning: do not eat NQH, it is a leathal poison) Fantastic! Oh, and I've moved all those unsightly updates to another page. Hurray!
Hey, I still post stuff! Shocking, no? Anyhoo, I just wanted to stop by and say a some things (duh). First, the 2nd Year of NQH is almost at a end, and we're all surprised it lasted this long. To celebrate this, two things will happen: 1) During the end of the current story line, the TGC/BFM cross-over of "The New Characters" will debut... on this site. It's a three comic special that features all new and only new characters! Next, a big surprise, a year in the making, will be coming as a birthday present from the site to you. Aww, it cares!
Woo! I just spent three days at the Cleveland Colassal Con 2! In honor, three comics coming all related to its zaniness and given ideas. ... Woo! CCC2! ... er, neato!
Guess what number comic that was, kiddies? One-hundred ninety-nine! That means, you guessed it, a full page, full color, 200th Comic Special is coming your way, Friday. And, to kick off the 200s in style, the NQH/TGC/BFM Crossover Extravaganza will run weekly for ten weeks! TEN! Also, stay tune inbetween for some random Sketch Pad-ie goodness. In other news, since I have official procured (which will be available for use shortly), I am making the official NQH/TGC NeXtreme Mart open for business. So far, I just have a single Insana-Bug shirt there. Still, check it out!
Keeping up the flow of comics, another full week is ready to fly. Additionally, the next three weeks after this one will start and maintain another five-times-a-week storyline. Ain't crazy? Plus, updated (slightly) character pages! Yay!
Last update for the year! Yippee! Well, another week full of comics is already dawned (even if slightly enlatened from a trip to grandma's) and yet another five comic week will probably be coming, too. In other actually mentionable news, NQH is going to be having a three-way cross-over with the author of The Great Comic, the SixManOut, and the webmaster at Reality's End's comic... which has yet to be published... What does this all mean? Complete hilarity!
Been a while of silence, and that might come again. As yesterday's comic said, it's final time! Yippee -_- With all the testing and end-o'-the-year work-loads, I haven't really been much for getting the extra comics up, but that will all change after the 20th, 'cuz after that, I am outta here! I have a pretty nice X-mas week planned, and lots of goods for the new year, too. So, be sure to stick around then! ... er, and now. ...
Today starts the official Halloween story arc for NQH. Of course, it's a little late coming, so it won't be recognized as the "official Halloween special" of 2002. The comic will appear twice this week, today and Friday, but, after that, I'll only plan to have the regular, full-page comics appear every Friday since the full-page comics take so long for me to get done. I mean, I just have to face facts. I have poor supplies, clamped for time, swamped with college work... The fact that I haven't given up yet is a miracle. However, do not think that I'm skimping on you fans (if any ;_;), for I said only the regular comic will be limited to once a week. I'm going to try to start making little ditty comics (only pencil, text hand-written, smaller size) whenever a good idea pops in my head. These comics will star the lesser characters of NQH, or characters that aren't even from it, like Slimeball, Ballzo, Elf-o, and myself. So, lots of fun to come... Er, is here now -_-' Anyways, I finally got the storyline organizer up. Isn't it pretty? Soon I'll make "covers" for all the storylines, too.
Well, more cruditastity, which will explain this week's, er, "comics". You see, I was home for the weekend, thinking I'd be able to my regular work for this site, but my home computer is much different from my regular computer. (ie: it blows) Therefore, I did not want to make the regularly scheduled comics which such shoddy resources and decided to do what I've been meaning to for a while. In The Greatest Comic (whose link has been fixed by the way), a character called Elf-o was born, being a bizarre mixture of cheesy clay-mation movies and South Park-esque-ness. So, I decided to have him cameo. He will be taking over for a run of five days. The originally planned, full page, semi-weekly comics will, then, begin this coming Monday. Until then... yeah...
Eeks, I'm kinda late in saying (and doing) this, but, aside from getting NQH's look back from after the hacker-attack, this week, and the next few to follow, are going to be special daily One-Shots. Each day, not every other, a one panel comic will debut. I'm doing this for, one 10/21 comes around, NQH will only come out Mondays and Fridays, going back to its original full page format. Why? It's easier to think up things for and college is really getting me down >_< but its not bad, it's actually better, so be grateful. ... Please?
As you probably have noticed, or more likely have not, this site was hacked some time ago, and I never found out about it until only a few days ago. Gee, thanks for looking out for me guys :/ Ah, who am I kidding, I should have spotted the trouble... Anyhoo, the "unpleasent materials" that were here have all been deleted and I am seeking swift retaliation against the perpetrating party. To those of you who have missed out on your beloved comic and to KeenSpace, I apologize for the inconvience. I'll be getting all the comics re-uploaded as soon as I can get them (comics at home, me at college X( ). And, to the one(s) who hacked my site, Hell have not the wrath to compare, nor God the mercy to save you from what I shall lay upon your damned soul, infernal wretch >:(
Eek. Sorry about missing the anniversery strip. I hope you all enjoyed the first year of NQH. Let's hope the second one is just as good... or even makes it. By the end of the month, I shall be a college student. Hopefully, it will leave me time to still bring you regular doses of hilarity. Although, I might have to make a change in format... for the better (not like scheduale cuts or anything, i barely make them as it is). Oh well, I'll fix that when I come to it.
Oops, I've been meaning to keep in touch more... but I've been caught up in things. I'd like to remind everyone that the 100th strip of NQH is approaching this Friday! Stay tune all the month of July, too especially, as the count down to NQH's First Year Anniversary blow-out continues all month. By the by, I've updated the cast info and such. Woo!
Hi. I hope everyone's been enjoying NQH so far. I've been kinda back tracked on getting some features done, but don't worry about the comic, I have got those in spare until the end of June! Soon enough I'll get some buttons, a storyline drop down thing here, and an improved history/character info page (it'll probably be spliced into two), but those don't really affect much, so still enjoy!
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