Character History

So, you'd like to know more about how NQH came to be? Good for you. Have a medal. ... later. This page contains details about how I came about making the characters in NQH. Work is always being added to the list, so keep in touch. You could find it insightful. Well, if drunk you would.


Circa 1993 to 94, I made the biggest mistake in my life: BALLZO, the comic. For fourteen unbearable issues (pages, really), the ugliest thing to ever come from "Suriland" (i had meant 'surreal') reigned. After realizing that it sucked badly, he, and his companions (yes, there was more than just Ballzo) were never seen again until the creator of The Greatest Comic had him in cameo for the purpose of, you guessed it, sucking!


He was never intended to be in any comic, in truth. He was originally a caricature of myself. It first appeared in a ditty comic I made for the Halloween of 2000, which is where the Halloween NQH actually came from. His full name is Joseph Edward Bean.


This little guy first appeared in the 11th issue of the Rubber Man comic. Back then, he did the same thing that he does not, except that he was completely lop-sided and grotesquely ugly. And, yes, he has changed a lot!


He first appeared in the second issue of the SS comic. He stole some Watermelonadon's teeth from a museum and purposefully left behind his card with where he could be found.


Dr.B first appeared in the second issue of Rubber Man and had his origin explained in the third. However, his alias, Dr. Rubber, the man who ran the 'Super Bounce Rubber Land' facility Rubber Man worked at, appeared in the first comic, where he created the Super-Duper Bounce Potion, which made any rubber become super bouncy. Then, in the same explosion that created Rubber Man, Dr. Rubber was transformed into Dr. Bolt, where upon he swore vengeance against his former friend because... um... I never really made a reason. Cut me some slack, I was eleven.


IMR was a character in Rubber Man's fifth comic. He magically became RM's agent once he became a superhero and prattled on with boring ways to change his image while random objects would appear on RM's head caused by events symutaneously occuring during the rammble. His full name is Ivan Micheal Rich.


IB first appeared in Rubber Man #4 as an incompetent foe who wanted to destroy RM just for something to do. That was about all he did in the series.


MG doesn't really have any background info. He was a just a doodle I made on day when visiting my grandparents in Kentucky. Date of make: circa 1995 to 97.


Rubber Man was created as more of an accident. My two brothers and I would hold 'character making contests' when we were younger, and I, glancing at a cubed eraser that mirrored the color of typical rubber bands, got the idea for RM. He first debuted in January, 1995. His comic ran monthly for one year, stopped, and never could bounce back. That is, until now. The only thing worse than the stories and comedy was the art, which sucked to the nextreme! Hopefully, no one will ever have to see it.


S-M-7 never had any appearences before NQH, but he still was there. His name, oddly enough, if false, for he was named after schizophrenia, but his main staple is having multiple personalities, which are really different. He still is schizophrenic by right, but it's just weird that he's like that.


SB, quite possibly my oldest make, though I cannot remember quite, has a cloudy past, for most all of it has been lost over time. He began as a microscopic piece of grime that experienced the lamest adventures ever. Over the years, only one attempt (never finished, either) was made to bring him back. The reasons are obvious.


SS is one of my oldest and most enduring creations, riveled by only one other. Years after his creation, he had a comic with a twelve issue run, complete with over-ugliness, typos, and lack of anything good, at some time between 1993 to 1994. He then bounced back for two more issues, sporting a newer, better look (much like the current), at circa 1997.

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